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Microsoft has dropped their release plan for the features they are planning to roll out from April 2022 through September 2022 across Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Take a look at the Power Platform ones I’ve picked here to get a glimpse of what’s in store for us this year.

Intelligent formula repair in Power FX

Ever spent hours trying to figure out why your Power Apps formula isn’t working? The new intelligent formula repair will give you back your time. As you build your apps and errors appear, Power Apps will use AI to suggest fixes to your Power Fx formulas, which you can review and immediately correct.

Simpler way to create tables and load data in Dataverse

If you’re familiar with building Power Apps in Microsoft Teams, then you’ll know how simple it is to create Dataverse tables. The experience in isn’t hard, but certainly not as easy compared to Teams. Microsoft will be bringing the same kind of table building experience from Teams to You will be able to quickly edit data and create new columns in view with your data.

Also, if you’ve got data in Excel, you will be able to quickly add it to Dataverse. To create a table, simply upload your spreadsheet, and Power Query will do most of the work for you.

Simpler OData editor for cloud flows

OData syntax is used if you want to add a filter to your Power Automate actions, such has SharePoint Get Items. The downside of this of course is that you need to know OData syntax- which is not beginner friendly. The improvement will be an added “basic experience”- the ability to hide the OData syntax, and enter the filter query like below.

OData editor improvements (screenshot from here)

Undo & redo buttons in Power Automate cloud flows (finally!)

This will take the stress out of experimenting with making changes to you cloud flows. Made the wrong move while building your flow? No problem- we’ll be getting an undo and redo button added to the cloud flow designer.

Have your Power Virtual Agent initiate the conversation

When I run PVA training, this always comes up as a desired feature- the ability for the bot to initiate the conversation with the user, rather than the other way around. For example, say you have a visitor viewing a product on your website. The bot can recognise this as a trigger to initiate a conversation based on the context (i.e. that product) of what the visitor is viewing.

Use connectors in Power Virtual Agents without a flow

If you want to extend your chatbot with data connectors, you will no longer need to create a Power Automate flow each time. You can use the connector directly in your PVA topic, making it faster to build and lower latency for each call.

Customise AI Builder prebuilt models

Prebuilt models in AI Builder allow you to quickly implement AI into your flows and apps, such as for reading receipts and invoices. You will have the ability to customise these models to meet your the specific requirements, rather than building a whole new model from scratch.

Check out the full release plan

For a list of all features coming to Power Platform and Dynamics 365, check out the full release plan here:

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