Space-themed chatbot series:
Activities to build your own space-themed chatbot

I’ve created this as a fun way to learn Power Virtual Agents, by building your own space-themed chatbot (I like to refer to it as an “Astrobot”). The exercises will take you through how you can use PVA to create your own chatbot, give it a personality, and use Power Automate to see how the bot can be used to automate processes, workflows and take action for you. It also makes a great educational tool, and is an interesting way to learn about astronomy.

This is an example of one I have created, and in the exercises, you will do something similar. I’d like to introduce to you Stella the Astrobot: check out the demo here.

Stella the Astrobot 🚀 Using Power Automate to calculate your weight on Mars

Working through the exercises:

This is something that will progressively be updated with new exercises. You will start with the first exercise Prerequisite: Create your Space-Themed Chatbot. Each exercise after that is standalone and does not need to be completed in order (unless specified). The exercises are step-by-step instructions on how to create the bot and topics.

You should sign up for a Power Apps Developer plan and use it for these activities.

Prerequisite: Start Here

Prerequisite: Create your space-themed chatbot
Approximate time to complete: 20 minutes


PVA Tutorial: Calculate your weight on Mars
Approximate time to complete: 30 minutes

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