Create a free developer environment for Power Platform

A developer environment gives you a space to try out Power Platform tools and improve your skills. It’s free, doesn’t expire, and you can access and try premium features such as AI Builder, Dataverse, premium connectors, build model driven apps and Power Pages. By default, other users won’t have access to what you have built in this environment, so it’s a good option for learning and testing things out.

Microsoft have launched “Learning Rooms” as a way to level up your learning journey

There is a new way to 🌟level-up🌟on your learning journey—Learning Rooms! Learning Rooms are a space where you can connect with peers and directly engage with an expert as you learn about a new Microsoft tool or study for a certification. Happy to announce that I am partnering with Microsoft Learn to lead a private learning room- Power … Continue reading Microsoft have launched “Learning Rooms” as a way to level up your learning journey

Run Power Automate flows from your canvas apps

If you are building a Power App you might want to automate some tasks or processes within your app- such as sending an email notification, creating a document or even updating a database record based on an input from the app. How can you do that without leaving your app and switching to another tool? The answer is Power Automate within the App Studio. You can build and manage your flows right from your canvas app, without navigating away.

Boost Conversations: New GPT capabilities in Power Virtual Agents

Up to this point, bots we create with Power Virtual Agents have only been able to provide answers to the topics we set up for it. So if we want the bot to answer any question from a customer ,which could also be found on our website, it ends up being a tedious and manual task. But the latest AI capabilities for PVA transform what was once a tedious task, and makes it as simple as pasting in a URL.

Get started with the Employee Ideas app in Microsoft Teams

Are you tired of collecting employee feedback through hundreds of paper forms or clunky processes that are difficult to manage? Building a Power App is one way that you can streamline this process. However, did you know that there's already an app available in Microsoft Teams that can help you with this? The Employee Ideas app is not only ready use, but it can also be customised to fit your unique needs. In this post, we'll explore how the Teams Employee Ideas app can make the feedback collection process a breeze, and how you can tailor it to best suit your requirements.

Embed a Power App in your Power BI reports

With Power Apps visual in Power BI, you can give your users the ability to interact with a canvas app directly from a Power BI report page. In this post, we'll look at how to add the Power Apps visual to a report, create a new app based on the report data, create app screens with additional information, then see how it works within the report.