If you’re looking to upskill on the Power Platform, you’ll firstly need an account. If you want to test out premium features, upskill on building solutions, or try the activities in this blog, you can sign up for a Developer Plan account.

Power Platform Developer Plan: You can sign up for this using your work account. This gives you a space (personal developer environment) to try out Power Platform tools and improve your skills. It’s free, doesn’t expire, and you can access and try premium features such as AI Builder, Dataverse, premium connectors, build model driven apps and portals. By default, other users won’t have access to what you have built in this environment, so it’s a good option for learning and testing things out.

Power Platform Developer Plan

  1. Go to Power Apps Developer Plan | Microsoft Power Apps and click Get started free.
  1. Enter in your work email address and click Sign up.
  1. You should get the prompt below. Click Sign in and proceed to sign in with your work credentials.
  1. On the next page, click Start.
  1. Select your country and click Accept.
  1. You will now be in Power Apps, in your newly created developer plan environment. The developer plan environment will be called Your Name’s Environment, which you can switch between on the top right of the page. By default, the solutions (Dataverse tables, Power Apps, Power Automate flows, Power Virtual Agents or AI Builder models) you build in this environment won’t be shared with other users- so try out what you like! When you want to build those solutions just mentioned, ensure you build them in your developer plan environment.
  1. One last thing, is to check that your environment has a Dataverse instance created. From the left navigation menu, go to Data > Tables. You should see a list of tables similar to below. If not, you should be prompted to create one.

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