Bulletins is a customisable app available in Microsoft Teams and of course, included in your Teams license. It’s one of the sample Power Apps available, and is ready to be deployed in just a few clicks.

This is an overview from Microsoft on what you can do with the app:

Overview of Bulletins in Microsoft Teams

Essentially, it gives you a central place to store knowledge and post announcements in Microsoft Teams. It sits in a tab at the top of a channel, making it easily accessible for employees- this definitely beats posting a message, then scrolling past 100s of things to find it again! It looks a lot nicer too, since you can add pictures and videos to your posts.

I’ve been using it myself for managing internal training and related resources for my colleagues. If my colleagues want to clarify a policy, find links to resources, see what professional development opportunities are happening in the office or know who to contact, they can find it all in Bulletins. Some other use case ideas are:

  • Making it your company’s internal newsletter. You could share company updates such as introducing new starters or posting weekly updates of what’s been happening.
  • Store FAQs such as HR policies, how to get IT support, how to submit timesheets or any other task/process your staff needs to do.
  • Knowledge sharing and tips. Maybe you have a Power Platform user group (or something else) at work, you can post tips and ideas for people to explore.

If you are an admin of the Team, you get a management version of the Bulletins app. This is where you can do the configuration side of things to make the app your own. You can make new bulletin posts, create an FAQ section, add an area to save links and contact people and view stats on the posts. Microsoft has an article here on how you can use both the management and user side of the app.

Bulletins is a Power App, so you can even customise the design. and functionality further than the basics Once deployed, you can go to the app canvas and use the usual drag & drop and formulas to make changes as you need.

You can find Bulletins by going to Power Apps in Microsoft Teams and adding it to a channel.

Where to find Bulletins app

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