Once you’ve built your Power Virtual Agent in Microsoft Teams, it’s now time to publish and share it with others. In this post, I’ll describe how you can share your bot with all colleagues using the Share link option.

First of all, you’ll need to go to the Publish area of PVA in Teams and Publish your bot. Then, click Make the bot available to others.

Publish bot in Power Virtual Agents for Teams

If you publish a change to your bot, users with the bot already installed will need to type “Start over” in the chat with the bot in order to see the changes. Once you publish changes, it’s a good idea to build a flow sending a proactive message from the bot to the users, letting them know about this.
Note, if you only make a change to a Power Automate flow used in your bot, this does not require the bot to be re-published in order to take effect.

Click on the Availability Options button to see the different ways you can share your bot.

Sharing options for your bot in Teams

Before you share the link, you will need to manage the sharing settings if you intend for everyone in your organisation to use the bot. By default, only members of the Team your bot is created in will have access to it. For example, if you share your bot via link, only users in the same Team as the bot be able to see it. Everyone else would get a sad error like this:

Error message for user without access to the bot

So, if you intend for everyone in your organisation to use the bot, you will need to grant them access.

Change the bot sharing settings so that everyone in your organisation is a user

You can click Manage sharing to invite users. Alternatively, you can also bring up the manage sharing options by clicking the Share button in the top right corner of the PVA Home screen.

Open sharing settings in Power Virtual Agents for Teams

So that the sharing link works for everyone, click on the “Everyone in Organisation” option, and switch the bot permissions to User- can use the bot and click Share.

Set sharing settings so everyone in the organisation is a user

If you intend to use the Show in Teams app store sharing options, sharing is handled via security groups. You will need to enter in the security groups that contain the users for bot.

Now that everyone in your organisation has been granted access, you can get them to install the bot by the link. Simply click Copy Link in the Publishing area (or sharing menu), and distribute it!

When your colleagues click on the link you give them, they will see the bot and be prompted to add it.

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