Looking to get started with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (PVA)? Here’s a list of resources I’ve put together to kick start your journey.

Attend Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents in a Day training

PVA in a Day is a training course by Microsoft which gives you an hands-on introduction to the tool, where you learn to create a few chatbots of your own. In the training you’ll even get to try things such as add a voice channel to your bot and get it to perform actions for using Power Automate. This training is run by Microsoft partners worldwide, and you can sign up for an upcoming session from the Microsoft Events Catalog.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is an awesome starting place for self-paced learning on your Microsoft applications. The content is broken up into different topics and modules, which makes it easy to navigate and track your progress. Make sure to sign in/create an account to keep track of the modules you’ve worked through.

I recommend starting with this learning path: Create bots with Power Virtual Agents.

Try the PVA app for Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams, you can easily get started building a bot of your own. If you choose, in a few clicks you can quickly deploy the bot for your colleagues to use.

In Teams, look for the Power Virtual Agents app.

Where to find the PVA app in Teams

In the app, you can click Get Started as well as explore the documentation.

Screenshot of the PVA app for Teams homepage

Try hands-on exercises to create your own bot

Check out the hands-on exercise I’ve created which takes you through an example of bot you can build. It includes using Power Automate to automate calculations via your bot: Space-themed chatbot series: Activities to build your own space-themed chatbot

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