With the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint you can embed your reports within a presentation. When embedded, the report is interactive- so that means during the presentation you’ll be able to click into your report to drill up/down and apply filters.

Demonstration of how to add Power BI report in PowerPoint (instructions detailed below)

Begin by opening your PowerPoint presentation. Go to Insert > Get Add-Ins and look for Power BI. Add the one published by Microsoft.

The Power BI add-in will then be available in the ribbon. All you need to do now is get the URL of the report you want to embed. Note: this feature only works with reports, you cannot embed dashboards.

Go to https://app.powerbi.com/ and open the report. Copy the URL, then paste it in PowerPoint. You can also resize and change the position of the report on your presentation.

In a moment, you’ll see your report embedded, and it’s ready to use.

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