Perhaps you want to initiate an approval request based on an email received. You can insert the body of that email within the approval request, so the approver can see the full message while they action it. Here’s how you can do this in Power Automate.

Screenshot of Teams & Outlook showing body of email in an Approval request

Start of with your trigger, Outlook- When a new email arrives.

Screenshot of Power Automate flow with Outlook When a new email arrives (V3) action

This step will allow you to use the email body as dynamic content. However, you will first need to convert HTML to text so that it appears in plain text. Add in the action HTML to text. For the content, select Body (from the Outlook connector) from the dynamic content list.

Screenshot of HTML to text action with Body dynamic content

Next, you can add in the Approval action. In the Details area, insert The plain text content dynamic content.

Screenshot of Approval action in flow with The plain text content inserted as dynamic content

You can proceed to enter in any other details for the approval and build out the rest of your flow.

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