With the Power Automate visual, your users can trigger workflows simply by clicking a button in a Power BI report, and has become my favourite visual to use. The flow can use data from your report, and your flows can be as simple or complex as necessary, making use of the 470+ connectors available.

You can add the Power Automate visual here from Power BI Desktop:

Then, drag the fields you want to use in your flow into the Power Automate data bucket. In this example, I’ve put in a measure for Revenue and a list of products. I would like to post a message in Microsoft Teams with the Product Name and how much revenue it has generated.

When you edit the visual, you’ll be taken to Power Automate, embedded in Power BI Desktop. There are some simple templates available (such as create an Outlook task upon press of the button). You can start with a template, or just make your own instant cloud flow from scratch.

You can now build out your flow. The flow I’ve used here is just a simple one-action process. You will see data from your report available as dynamic content. You have inputs such as user name, user email and timestamp- which are details on who and when the button was triggered. You will also have available the fields you selected earlier in your report. Using this will automatically add your actions in an “apply to each” control.

You can edit the look Power Automate button and arrange it on your report. Here I’ve made it purple and changed the text to say “Post Teams message”. If you have filters on your report, you will see it’s applied it to the flow. In the report below I’ve selected the “Sofa” product, so the flow has posted a single Teams message with the revenue value for Sofas. Without the filter, it would have posted a Teams message for each of the products.

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