One of the most common questions asked by App in a Day attendees is “How can I save the work I have done in Power Apps?”. If you’ve attended an App in a Day session, you likely used a temporary Power Apps account to use for the training. Good news is that once the trial expires, you don’t have to lose the work you have done! Everything that you have built can be easily packaged up, exported, then imported into your own environment for you to keep/continue working on and show off to your colleagues and friends.

PINK themed device ordering canvas app

These instructions take you though what you’ll need to export if you completed all the labs. Depending on how far you progressed through the lab material, you may have some components missing (i.e. if you haven’t built it yet, it wont exist for you to export), so you can skip it. Once you’ve completed importing your work, you can keep working through the labs or improving app in the new environment.

See here on how to sign up for a Power Apps Developer Plan– you can import your Device Ordering App solution here.

Instructions on how to export and import your App in a Day work

Update: Some people have reported that the Connection References aren’t available to add into the solution. You can leave them out. When you import the solution, open the New device approval request cloud flow, and click on all 4 of the buttons indicated below to set up the connection. Also make sure that the flow is switched ON.

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