Apply to each control in Power Automate is used to perform a series of actions for each row/entry you have in a list. That means it can be used to perform mail merge. In this example, I’ll show you how you can send an email to a list of people, who have their details are stored in Excel.

To begin, I have a list of of people invited to my Summer BBQ in Excel. It has their name and email, and this is the information I’ll use in the mail merge. The details should be in a table. For this example, the spreadsheet is stored in OneDrive so that it can be connected to easily.

I can now build my flow, with the following steps.

1. Manually trigger a flow

I’ve selected manually trigger the flow as I only want the flow to run once, and I want to initiate it myself.

2. Excel Online: List rows present in a table

Here, you can specify the table that contains the list of recipients. In my case, it is stored in OneDrive for Business. Select the file then table.

3. Apply to each control

Add the Apply to each control into the flow. For the output, select the Value dynamic content from the Excel List rows present in a table action.

4. Send an email

Lastly, you can add the Outlook Send an Email action within the Apply to each control. The columns in the Excel table will be available to use as dynamic content throughout the email. To field should use the Email dynamic content from the Excel action. Then your other information can be inserted throughout the Subject and Body as you need. In this example, only the attendee name has been used as the unique value for each email.

Running the flow

When you’re ready, you can save and run the flow to send the emails.

Sent email

You can view the flow run to navigate through the results of each email that was sent.

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