Text Recognition is a prebuilt model in AI Builder- in just a few clicks, you can extract text from an image or PDF. It works on file formats .PDF, .PNG and .JPEG. You can then use the extracted text as you need, such as in an email. This model is guaranteed to save you time and reduce your manual workload, especially if you deal with a lot of handwritten notes which need to be digital. Here’s how you can try it out.

Using Text Recognition AI Model

You will need AI Builder. If you don’t have a subscription for it, you can still try it out for free using the Power Apps Developer Plan. Go to https://make.powerapps.com/ and select AI Builder > Build from the left navigation menu. Click on the Text Recognition model.

Opening AI Builder Text Recognition model

You can use the model in a Power Automate flow or Power App. In this example, we’ll go with a flow.

Use Text Recognition in a flow

Best part is that the flow is ready to use. You can customise the actions as you need, but the default flow will simply require you to select the image/PDF you wish to convert, then send the extracted text to yourself in an email.

Power Automate flow to extract text from images or PDF

If you want to change the action (i.e. do something else other than send yourself an email with the extracted text), you can edit the steps from the Get my profile action onwards.

Click Test and select file you want to run through the flow. Below is the image I used- feel free to test it out with the same one. As you can see, the text in the image isn’t perfect.

Sample image for Text Recognition

And shortly, you’ll get the result of the extracted text:

End result of the extracted text

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