If you’re getting started with building Power Apps, the Power Apps Training App (PATApp) is a great tool for learning the basics. It’s a Power App you can use to learn the skills needed to create canvas apps, walking you through topics such as app navigation, formulas, variables, galleries, publishing, filtering and sorting. Here’s how you can get started with it.

Screenshot of Power Apps Training App

First, head to https://make.powerapps.com/. Since you’re just practicing, you can use your Developer Plan environment (see here on what that is and how to sign up).

Over in the Create area, you will find the canvas app template called Power Apps Training. Create the app, and you will be taken to the app designer.

Screenshot of Create > Templates in Power Apps

When you go into preview mode of the app, you will be able to follow along with the tutorial.

Screenshot of Power Apps app designer (edit mode)

Here, you can simply work your way through the topics. It gives you an opportunity to try the skills for yourself directly within the app by going back to edit mode, and also provides links to further resources.

Screenshot of PATApp in preview mode

Remember to save the app if you plan on returning to it. You can do this by heading to the File tab in the ribbon > Save as > The cloud. You will then find it in your Apps area. To go back into edit mode, just click on the … next to it and select Edit.

Screenshot of launching edit mode for the app

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