If you’re looking for a way to extract data from invoices in an instant, Microsoft’s AI Builder is your answer. With the Invoice Processing model, all you need to do is upload your invoice (or have it arrive via email or another method), then AI Builder does the work of pulling out all the information you need- such as line items, dates, totals, addresses, and so on.

See here on how to launch AI Builder.

In AI Builder, click on the model Extract information from invoices.

Screenshot of Power Automate showing where to find the AI Builder model: Extract information from invoices

Click Use in a flow.

Screenshot of Extract information from invoices: Click Use in flow

If you haven’t already, approve the connections so that you can see the green tick. Click Continue.

Screenshot of Power Automate: Confirm connections and click Continue

By default, the flow you see here will send you an email with the extracted Invoice ID, Invoice date, Invoice total and line items. To see more values, you can select the field from the Dynamic content list and insert it throughout the email action.

Screenshot of dynamic content from the invoice

Once you’re happy to see it working, click on Save in the top right of the screen. Then click Test > Manually. Click Continue to proceed with the test. You will need to upload your invoice. Make sure it is in PDF, PNG or JPEG format. Here is the invoice I’m using for this test:

Screenshot of sample invoice being tested

Run your flow.

Screenshot of running the flow

Once you see that your flow has run successfully, you can check on your results.

Screenshot of successful flow run in Power Automate
Screenshot of email in Outlook with the results from invoice data extraction

Note: Confidence score is how accurate AI Builder believes the extracted values to be, 0 being the lowest, 1 the highest.

If you want to see all the values that were extracted from your invoice, click on the action Extract information from invoices from the successful flow run. You will see a list of the outputs and their confidence score here.

Screenshot of Power Automate showing the the outputs from the invoice

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