If you’re looking to bring AI capabilities in your processes or apps, the no-code tool AI Builder is your answer. With AI Builder, within seconds you can do things like extract information from invoices and documents, categorize incoming emails, and read text from images. AI Builder is a premium feature which you’ll need a license for, but you can sign up for a free trial. Here are the 3 ways you can find AI Builder to get started using these capabilities.

Screenshot of the AI Builder models available

1. Power Automate

Head to https://flow.microsoft.com/ and sign in with your work email address. If you want to try out AI Builder for free, you can use the free Power Apps developer environment- see here on how to sign up. Once you’re in, head over to AI Builder > Explore from the navigation menu to get started with using the prebuild AI models, or train your own custom one.

Screenshot of AI Builder in Power Automate

2. Power Apps

AI Builder can be accessed a similar way to as Power Automate above. The only difference here is that you won’t see the Document automation option, which is a solution you can install to monitor an inbox to process all incoming documents. Go to https://make.powerapps.com/, sign in with your work account and use your developer plan environment to try AI Builder for free. Once again, it’s found in the left navigation menu, under AI Builder > Explore.

Screenshot of AI Builder in Power Apps

3. Power Automate in Microsoft Teams

You can use AI Builder directly within a flow you are creating via Microsoft Teams https://teams.microsoft.com/. In Teams, look for the Power Automate app.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams: Look for the Power Automate app

Go to the Create tab and select the AI Automation category. There are some templates with AI Builder ready to use.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams: AI Automation templates

When you click on one of the templates, you may be prompted to install a Dataverse database first (this is necessary in order to use AI Builder).

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams: Create a Dataverse environment

You can start from one of the templates, or simply start building a flow from scratch and call in AI Builder actions. From your flow, look for the AI Builder connector and select the action you want to use. It will prompt you to start a free trial. Keep in mind that since this is a trial, your flow will stop working once it expires.

Screenshot of using AI Builder actions in a flow

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