If you’ve signed up to use Power Apps, you may need to create a new environment. Keep in mind that most people will not be able to do this in their normal work accounts, it is something that has likely been restricted to admins only. I’ve put this together for people who may be participating in Power Platform training using a trial tenant and are required to create an environment.

Note: If you are unable to create a trial environment using a trial account (e.g. one you’ve created yourself or that has been provided to you for training purposes) this may be because: 1) You already have another Trial environment created, or 2) You do not have the right Power Apps license assigned.

The trial environment you create can be used across Power Apps, Power Automate flows, AI Builder or Power Virtual Agents.

Go to Power Platform Admin Center: https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/. Click on Environments from the left navigation menu. Click New.

Screenshot of Power Platform Admin Center: create new environment

Enter in a Name for your environment. This can be anything you like. Select your region. Set the Type to Trial, and toggle Yes to create a database. Click Save.

Screenshot of Power Platform Admin Center: enter new environment details

Ensure your right language and currency are selected, then click Save.

Screenshot of Power Platform Admin Center: save environment details to create it

You will see the green bar at the top of the screen telling you that the environment is being prepared. This can take couple of minutes. After a few minutes, refresh the page, and you will get message saying that your environment is ready.

Screenshot of Power Platform Admin Center: confirmation that new environment is ready to use

You are now ready! Use your environment in Power Apps, Power Automate or Power Virtual Agents.

Screenshot of Power Apps: selecting the environment you have created

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