When someone submits a Microsoft Form, you can build flows based on their response. If your form contains the rating question type, and you want this to influence the actions taken in your flow (such as a notification if someone provides a poor rating), you’ll need to first add in another step to make sure the rating is recognised as an integer.

In this example, I have a form with the rating type question. If someone submits a response of a rating of 3 or lower, it will create a Planner task.

Screenshot of Microsoft Form with a rating question

Begin by creating a new Automated cloud flow with the Microsoft Forms trigger When a new response is submitted. Select your form from the dropdown, then add another Microsoft Forms action underneath- Get response details. Select your form for the Form Id, then select Response Id dynamic content for the Response Id.

Screenshot of Power Automate with Microsoft Forms actions

Add an Initialize Variable step underneath. Enter a name- here I’ve called it RatingNumber. Select Integer as the Type.

Screenshot of flow- Initialize variable step

In the Value field, click on the Expression tab, and type in Int(

Screenshot of expression

While your cursor is placed after the ( symbol, click on the Dynamic content tab and select the the question in your form that is of the rating type. This will add in the highlighted text shown below to your expression. At the end of the expression, add a ) symbol and click OK.

Screenshot of adding dynamic content into your expression
Screenshot of adding ) to end of expression

Your expression wont be the same as mine, but it will look something like this:


Now, you can add in conditional branching. Add a condition step. In the Choose a value field select the dynamic content for the variable you just created in the previous step. Then, build out the rest of your conditional logic.

Screenshot of condition- select the variable dynamic content
Screenshot of condition

You can proceed to add in the actions you want to occur in your If yes and If no branches. In this example, I’ll add in an action to create a Task in Microsoft Planner if the rating received on the form is less than 3.

Screenshot of Planner action in flow

Once you’re done, save and test. Submit a form response, and see how the response to your rating question influences your flow condition.

Low rating on MS Form and Planner task created

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