Trying to type in long expressions in your Power Automate cloud flows can be frustrating. To make writing expressions and selecting dynamic content easier for yourself, you can turn on Experimental features.

Typing in an expression in Power Automate: Normal vs Experimental

This makes it possible to clearly see your expressions as you type them out in Power Automate. As you type it out, you can even switch to the dynamic values tab to insert them in your expression just by clicking on it.

To turn on the new experience, click on Settings View all Power Automate settings while in Power Automate.

Screenshot of clicking on settings within Power Automate

Then turn ON Experimental Features.

Screenshot of turning on Experimental Features in Power Automate

Your expression editor will look like this, which is especially useful for those long expressions that reference dynamic values.

Screenshot of the new expression/dynamic value experience in Power Automate

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