If you’ve attended training such as App in a Day, and you don’t want to lose what you’ve built, here’s how you can save your work.

You can export your solution even if you haven’t finished building it yet. For example, if your trial account is about to expire and you want to keep working on your app, you could import it into your developer plan environment for ongoing access.

1. Export your solution

1. Log into Power Apps using the credentials you used to build the solution. Make sure you are in the right environment.

2. Click on Solutions from the left navigation. Click on the checkbox next to the solution you want to export. If this is for App in a Day, you will have your Contoso Coffee solution. Click Export.

Screenshot of Power Apps- open solutions

3. Publish all changes then click Next.

Screenshot of Power Apps- publish changes

4. Select Unmanaged then Export.

Unmanaged is selected as this will allow you to continue to make changes to your app/solution after it is imported. However, select Managed if you don’t intend to make any changes (such as if moving it to a production environment).

Screenshot of Power Apps- Export solution

5. You should see a message that it is currently exporting. Leave it for a few minutes until the message turns green. Then click Download.

Screenshot of Power Apps- solution exporting
Screenshot of Power Apps- solution ready to download

This will download your solution as a .zip file. Keep this handy, as it will be used for the import next. Do NOT extract/unzip the file, that is not necessary.

2. Import your solution

1. Log into Power Apps using the credentials you want to import your solution to. Go to the right environment, such as your developer plan.

Screenshot of Power Apps- select right environment

2. Go to Solutions from the left navigation menu and click Import solution.

Screenshot of Power Apps- click import solution

3. Click Browse and select the .zip file you downloaded from the Export step. Click Next, and Next again.

Screenshot of Power Apps- browse for solution file

4. You may need to set up the connections. If that’s the case, for each connection listed, click +New connection.

Screenshot of Power Apps- update connection

5. This will launch a new tab. Click Create for the connection when prompted. You may be asked to sign in again.

Screenshot of Power Apps- create connection

6. Once you can see the connection is added, close the tab and return to the previous one.

Screenshot of Power Apps- confirmation that the connection has been added

7. Click Refresh, and repeat for the other connections listed. Click Import once done.

Screenshot of Power Apps- refresh to apply changes
Screenshot of Power Apps- confirm connections have been added and import

8. You will see a message that the solution is importing. This will become green once the solution has finished importing, which may take a few minutes.

Screenshot of Power Apps- solution currently importing

9. Once ready, click on the solution name to open it.

Screenshot of Power Apps- open solution

10. Click Publish all customizations.

Screenshot of Power Apps- pubish all customizations

You have now imported your solution! You can now either use your app or continue your building here.

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