Have you recently discovered Power Apps and want to to learn more about it? In this post I’ve put together some resources to help you kick start your Power Apps journey.

Attend Microsoft’s App in a Day training

App in a Day is an opportunity for you to get hands-on with Power Apps and is aimed at beginners (or even more experienced people may discover something new!). During the training an instructor will take you through an introduction into Power Apps and concepts, while you get to build an app of your own. It is a great way to learn about the breadth of Power Apps capabilities. This training is run by Microsoft partners worldwide, and you can sign up for an upcoming session from the Microsoft Events Catalog.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is an awesome starting place for self-paced learning on your Microsoft applications. The content is broken up into different topics and modules, which makes it easy to navigate and track your progress. Make sure to sign in/create an account to keep track of the modules you’ve worked through.

I recommend starting with the module Introduction to Power Apps.

You will learn that there are 3 types of Power Apps you can create- Canvas, Model-Driven, and Portals. Once you get an overview of them all, you can decide which one you would like to explore deeper.

For a full list of all the Power Apps-related modules, check here.

YouTube Videos

If watching videos is more your thing than reading, check out Lisa Crosbie’s YouTube channel. She has a playlist for beginner level tutorials, where you can get an overview of Power Apps, canvas apps and model-driven apps.

Canvas App building skills: “Power Apps Training” template

If you are interested in building a canvas apps, check out my post on the Power Apps Training template that is available: Learn the basics of canvas app building with the “Power Apps Training” template – Rishona Elijah (rishonapowerplatform.com)

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